Little Fun Things at Home

Have you ever wondered how your kids can help out in the decoration of the house and not creating a mess out of it? Here are some great ideas for you to share with your kids. They will have a great time exploring while creating a great masterpiece for your house with a touch of their own imagination.

Materials needed: Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Different colours felt, stuffing, Assorted ribbons around 20cm long, Needle and thread and Buttons

1. Baratte Holder / Letter Holder

Flower 1

Flower 2

Flower 3

It’s done! You can also sew a few pockets at the front to hold your letters and keys. Feel free to add on any other compartments for your daily use.


2. Farmyard in your house!

Kids can also create their own farmyard with the felt finger puppets. Go really wild with a set of jungle animals or design your own aliens and monsters. Your boys will sure to love it. It’s simple and fun.

Materials needed: Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Different colours felt, Needle and thread

Finger puppets methods

Finger puppets

Have fun playing with the puppets..


3. Snuggly Cushion in your House

Get your child to choose her favourite coloured and patterned fabric and make it into a lovely snuggly toy that is sure to be much loved by everyone in the family.

Materials needed: Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Fabric for the cushion body, Needle and thread, Stuffing, Fabric scraps for the wings, eyes, Orange and green felt


Owl 3

Owl 1

Owl 2

Kids are free to explore their other favourite animals and turn it into a decorative cushion in your home. Enjoy !