I came across an article on Entrepreneurs recently showcasing the trend-setters of 2015 and one particular feature caught my attention and got me really excited. The Nest Labs, provider of powerful tech gadgets for your home that will blow your minds but not your wallets !

One of its key products is the thermostat that helps to program your house’s cooling/heating arrangements based on your every day schedule, I.e. according to your comings and goings. This wonderful gadgetry helps save energy by limiting home cooling requirements, it also cuts your energy bills by up to a staggering 20%. Well, haven’t personally tried the thermostat, but will be ordering it to my home very soon.

Don’t be fooled, Nest Lab is already going places and has been snapped up by Google for a cool $3.2Bllion. It has churned out many new gadgets to date and you can definitely anticipate more state-of-the-art products in the near future.

Nest Labs offers great insight to what a home of the future looks like and it will definitely fulfil the tech aspect of our aspiring Smart Home, well, at least my Smart Home. You can visit the Nest Labs for a look into your future Smart home.

Other similar products are also making their rounds in the web-sphere too. You know there’s competition when you hear the brand Honeywell, the label synonymous with energy-saving gadgets for as long as I can remember.

Their gadget, the Honeywell Ademco Tuxwifis tuxedo Touch Controller w/wi-fi, Silver (6280i)  (as seen on Amazon), boosts the same type of wizardry like the Thermostat, and also helps to control locks, lights and shades (but it is only compatible with Z-wave enabled products).

It is used as a standalone automation console and supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices. It can also view up to four IP cameras at once on the Tuxedo Touch display.

However, it retails on Amazon at $349.95  (excluding those Z-wave enabled products though) compared to the $249 that the Nest Lab’s Thermostat is offering.

There will inevitably be comparisons between the 2 and one quick difference is the easy use of the Nest Labs’ Thermostat. Its device is simply a knob where you adjust by tuning its dial up or down based on your movement schedules around and in and out of the house. It will then adjust your home cooling requirements accordingly.

On the other hand, the Honeywell Ademco tuxedo touch controller seems more sophisticated around its consoles. Based on tech features, the Honeywell wins hands down, but based on ease-of-use, the Thermostat’s a winner.

Smart Home automation gadgets are well featured on the web and other gadgets includes motion sensors, smoke detectors, alarm systems, open/close sensors and a host of other interesting devices.  You can check out many of these products at Amazon (home automation) or at the Smarthome.com.

There’s a tremendous boom in the Smart Home market nowadays and one things for certain, there is always something special on offer in all the gadgets popularised by these tech companies. It’s plain to see that the home of the future and of course my Smart Home will boosts one or all of the above mentioned items. Period.