The home is where we spend much of our time in. There is a genuine need for it to have 2 most essential qualities: Comfort and functionality.  However, before we even get to those qualities, there are some common problems that most of us frequently face at home. Lets that a look and spot those you face too:

1) The shoe storage situation. Yes, how many times have it occurred to you that the shoe cupboard of yours doesn’t help your shoe placements and shoes seem to overflow out of that rack? Well, I know I have.

2) The no place to store things situation. Nowadays, houses have become smaller and layouts only allow for tiny storage spaces, which most often then not, cannot fulfil the storage needs of a common family unit. Just those 2 luggage bags that you use for your vacations will have already filled up half your store room! Let’s not go further and talk about the vacuum cleaner, that extra table, that old vase and for some that mah-jong table!

3) The too many remote control situation. Well, technology has helped solve many of our daily problems, but it also comes with its own dilemma. Yes, there are too many controls. One for everything, that fan, that sound system (that you rarely use), that air-con, oh yes there’s even one for the bathroom flush. I know I get frustrated when I can’t find my TV remote !

4) The too many plugs for that single power-point situation. This is a very common situation but we often overlook how dangerous this problem can actually pose. The real situation comes when there are power outages, blackouts and even for some cases, the house can get burnt down because of that spark from the power overload.  Don’t mess with the power-point, stay simple and single! But more often that not, those tech gadgets you bought last weekend will need a power source and here comes the overloading all over again.

5) The never gets turned off heater switch situation. Not sure if its just me (I haven’t upgraded to that hi-tech heater system), but that heater switch is never turned off because once it’s off, you can’t enjoy that warm steam bath immediately when you get home from work, how shitty is that. So in my case, it never gets turned off, I really need to check how much this is contributing to my utility bills real soon.

6) The wardrobe is too small situation. Yes, that happens very often especially if you share yours with the wifey.  It can be frustrating when you can’t find that shirt you want to where, but instead chance upon the one you wore for your high-school graduation.

7) That Sticky floor Situation. It won’t happen if you engage a regular cleaner or that friendly helper, but its worth a shout cause when you freshen up after a bath, the worst feeling is to get dirty again because of that sticky floor.

8) The wet bathroom situation. This can get very annoying at times and you must be going right now, yeah, why’s my toilet floor always wet! It can get real frustrating for example,  if you’re at a friend’s place and your wearing socks and you go to this bathroom that’s holy-smokes, wet! You don’t know whether to tip-toe or to ninja-walk or to what-ever !

Of course there’s plenty more problems we face like The slamming door situation. The too many toiletries on the vanity counter situation. The too many body lotion/shampoo at the shower shelf situation. The high utility bills situation. The dirty carpet situation. The tripping over stray toys situation.

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