In today’s environmentally conscious society, Green is gold. Studies have shown that Green provides a myriad of benefits when used for both commercial and residential spaces.

For commercial spaces, there have never been more opportunities then now to capitalise on this Green Venture, making consumer spending patterns sway towards environmentally conscious retailers.

There is a rising trend to plant upwards and Green walls are slowly creeping up in our everyday lives. For the residential home, vertical walls have also been popularised by creative decorators as they add an exciting dimension of natural aesthetics to the home.

But the benefits of the green wall both commercially and residentially goes way beyond aesthetics. It is a movement that has paved the way for a more environmental-conscious retail-scape as well home design ideas.

This Green Explosion is the quintessential feature of the future home and an exciting aspect of the ultimate Smart Home.

Retail Green Walls

Greenwall-New Zealand



  Vertical Green Walls for the office



Vertical Green in Homes




The benefits:

1) Improved Aesthetics

2) Building Structural Protection (reduced Thermal Fluctuation In Buildings)

3) Improved Surrounding air Quality

4) Improved Energy Efficiency, Reduced Carbon Emissions

5) Reduced Urban Heat

6) Noise Reduction

7) Marketing Potential (Green Competitive Edge In The Marketplace)

8) Increase Bio-diversity

9) Improve Health and Well-Being