Hi, this is my explorations into the world of smart home designs and decors. The aim is to have fun while creating crash-test experiments, reviews and videos in the quest to identify the dos and don’ts of the modern home. The Ultimate goal is to revel in our accomplishments in finding smart decors and brilliant designs that contribute to the best smart homes.

First of all, we need to understand the term “smart home“. This term may seem simple but it can really mean tons of things, for example, a smart home can be one that gives basic needs and more to the home owners hassle free!

It can also mean having great savings for the home owner at the click of a button or a clap of the hands. A home can also be really smart if it is child friendly, making sure that the kids are safe and tucked away from the dangers of that sharp table edge or that faulty TV switch.

Above all, any smart home must satisfy the following 5 features.



The most common fault in home designs is that people tend to clutter their homes with too many things.  Not having the liberty of getting around can be quite frustrating at times and it can prove dangerous to the kids too! It is also very common for us home owners to keep too many of that unwanted items from our high school days or even form that trip to Bangkok 10 years go. Believe or not, you will find great satisfaction in throwing away things you have always wanted to get rid of since you moved out of your mother’s place. Being able to roam freely in your home is just like a lion roaming in the grasslands, free and happy.


The common home may not have awesome gadgets and tech-fuelled equipment that blow your minds, but the basics must still be there, like that energy saving air-conditioner, that water saving washing machine or that energy saving, no “ozone-killing” chemical fridge. These are a must for the twenty first century and the second step to your ultimate Smart home.


Furniture and furnishings make the house become a home. without them, the house will not be complete and it will never be cosy let alone being smart. Smart decors give owners a sense of belonging and relaxation that will contribute to the general level of comfort and satisfaction.


Designing homes can be a challenge especially with old folks and kids around. To design little niches and spaces for them rank highly in our quest for the ultimate smart home. Not only this, special feature that cater for home owners like that wall that turns around to hide the TV set or that cupboard that tucks away under the sofa also helps. Of course, we must add some fancy gadgets to add that level of technical sophistication.


Nowadays, the most talked about topic is the environment and how we are contributing to saving it. The Smart home must play its part too! It is always better to have that solar panel water heater, or that low carbon-emitting fireplace. However, its ok if we don’t have those luxuries, having some greens in the house also helps.

So do you have any of the above in your homes?