We have lots of stuff at home that can be reused, reduced or recycled. That old rack, those left over wooden blocks from your worn-out cupboard, or that stack of old newspapers left in the storage room. It is always easy to dump them into the garbage. But by being a little creative, these items can turn into real gems at home.

It all adds up and contributes enormously to a more eco-friendly environment.

1) Unwanted wood planks and blocks from cupboards, drawers, racks and tables.



With Proper dimensioning and planning, your old wooden cupboard planks can be turned into book shelves like these.

2) Glass bottles, unwanted mirrors and window panes.

A simple illustration demonstrating how shattered glass chips can be used to form the designs shown.



3) Recycled felt, rubber, plastic and others.

Latex rolls from unwanted cut-offs from shoe factories turning into colourful temporary seats.


Recycled rubber designed into a foldable chair.


Recycled Sponge turning into a sofa set.


4)Paper, cardboard, mattresses and old newspapers and magazines.

Paper Mache creations.


Used wallpapers.


Recycled cardboard.



Recycled mattresses.


Old newspapers and magazines.



We can all create our own Eco-friendly designs with a little creativity….

1) If its sturdy and solid, think wood, plastic, metal and glass, chances are they can be pieced to form a new table, platform or chair. Check out Ted Mcgrath’s 16,000 Woodworking Plans for ideas on how to create wood furniture right in your home. Click Here!

2) If its soft and mash able, think clothes, cloth covers, mattresses and pillows, chances are they can be transformed into cushions, covers, floor matts or furniture upholsteries.

3) Paper and papyrus products can be mashed and recycled into many different things as shown from the examples above like chairs and vases. The good thing about paper is that they are flexible and once mashed into pulp, they can mould into practically anything you fancy !

4) Glass, mirrors and window panes are useful but tricky as they can be a little dangerous to handle once shattered. Be sure to use gloves to protect yourself when handling. You can turn them into wonderful creations like the table example as shown or other designs using the same principle.

5) Plastic. There are many example of plastics in the house that can be used, like shampoo bottles and food containers. Many can be reused as storage containers. They can also help organise your store room if you can use proper labels and shelves. Recently came across an interesting machine Invented by a Japanese, Mr , that turns plastic into oil. You can see his invention here!


If there are unwanted materials left behind from old worn out furniture and   household wares, do take reference from some of our examples shown in this article and look into different creative ways to reuse and recycled. You will be amazed at how easy it actually is ! All this while doing  your part in contributing to a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment. How cool is that !

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