Over the past few years, the cost of electricity has risen significantly. Embracing technology is now an inevitable direction that all home owners need to take in order to reduce energy costs as well as reduce our carbon footprint on earth.  The following technologies may just allow you to take the first step in achieve that.

Roof and Loft Insulation

Roof-Insulationgreen roof

Over 30% of our home energy consumption is for heating. Especially during the cold seasons, people spend high utility bills trying to get their home warm and comfortable. A non insulated home loses up to 45% of its heat through various parts of the house and almost 25% through the rooftop. By capitalizing on this observation, you can effectively reduce energy use within the home by insulating the roof surface. When carried out appropriately, loft installation can effectively cut down on the power bills, lasting for up to 42 years ! The choice of roof insulation to be used will largely depend on the nature of your rooftop. For regular joist roofs, simply use mineral wool insulation. For a flat roof, you can try insulate it by adding a layer of rigid insulation board from above. Another way is to add green plantings or a green turf which not only adds additional playing space for your kids but also help insulate effectively.

Smart Meters


This is one of the best ways to start saving electricity within your home. These smart meters represent the latest generation of gas and electricity meters where everyone can easily monitor energy use. The meters come with In-Home displays which help home owners with energy recording techniques. The significant different between these meters and the conventional ones are that they not only tell you the total amount of energy used but also the time it was used and its net cost. Most importantly, the smart meters come with communication capabilities that allow for easy display of the taken data within your home system. Another notable advantage of this device is that you are able to know at which time you are using the most energy. With this knowledge, you can work out on better ways of improving energy use within your home and alter your energy usage patterns positively for greater savings. Additionally, this system also presents users with the opportunity of making informed decisions on energy use based on the real-time data displayed in their systems.

Micro CHP Boilers


This incredible innovation has the ability to alter your home energy efficiency quite significantly. Its operation is based entirely on sterling engine technology. By replacing the conventional boiler at home with this latest technology, you will be able to cut down on energy costs by almost 20%. Being efficient in heat generation alone already allows massive savings on electricity bills. In addition, it also boast the capability of paying for itself through the feed-in tariff scheme. Whenever you produce more energy than you are able to use, the excess is fed back to the grid and the owner subsequently compensated. This investment is worth every cash spent on it.

Do experiment with all these features in your home and share if they help cut down on your energy bills.