Of all energy sources in use today, solar seems to show the most potential to solve the world’s energy problems. It is the most abundant energy source that does not pose any form of pollution or health issues.  And above all, it’s free !

Therefore, it is imperative that we take steps to understand the role of Solar energy in our homes to take advantage of its benefits.

If you have never considered this before , maybe it is time to start seeing the essence of this infinite energy source.

1) Heating the swimming pool


During summer, swimming pools are the greatest sources of joy. The pool brings joy and refreshment until early fall when no one is willing to jump inside. With solar energy, you wouldn’t have to wait till summer to enjoy this facility. For this to work out, you need a solar blanket that will steadily heat up the entire pool. The system makes use of hot water heating panels that are mostly mounted on the roofs. The water is steadily pumped from the pool, heated, and then returned from the panels. This continuous action raises the temperature of the pool.

2) Warm water system


The need for warm water is often overwhelming,, especially during the cold seasons. You can always use solar powered pipes to get your water warm. The warm water system requires solar water heaters. The system is connected to the water source. The water is continuously heated through the system and transported using the heated solar pipes.

3) Solar Power Pumps


Heating home water is one thing and circulating it within the home is yet another. A few people are aware that the solar energy can be used to circulate the water all through the house. This requires a solar powered motor which will provide the kinetic energy necessary for distributing the heated water within the homestead. With the solar energy harnessed and stored, you can have fewer problems supplying water within your home.

4) Cooking


Most people can relate to this one. Solar energy can efficiently be used in cooking. Using this kind of energy for cooking is one of the best ways of reducing utility costs within the home. You can make the most out of the sun by using a solar oven as opposed to the conventional cooker. This way, you will not only be conserving energy but also drastically reducing power costs. When used appropriately, this option is faster, cleaner, and undoubtedly cost effective.

5) Solar Energy for Lighting


This is yet another notable use of the solar energy. It is an effective way of reducing the electricity bills. The lighting system can easily be connected through a battery charged system. This way, they can be powered by sunlight throughout the day. The system is designed in such a way that it charges the backup battery when the sun is high. Later in the night, the battery can be used for lighting the bulbs. Depending on one’s preference, this system can be used both indoor and outdoors for all the lighting needs of the house.

Save energy using solar may one day become the most important step in reducing our carbon footprint on earth. Let us move towards a cleaner more efficient future. Stay smart by converting to living in the Smart Home.